Where and How Do Ants Infest Your Home?         

As soon as you can observe ants in your property, the first thing you might feel would be annoyance or disgust. Also, you will probably be confused about how they did get into your house in the first place. Ants are extremely gritty when it comes to looking for access to anything in your home that can attract them, like moisture or food. They can even utilize even the most minimal openings just to gain access. Here at Allied Pest Control, we will discuss some of the major ways how ants can gain access to your property without even knowing it. 


Walls’ seems 

To guarantee that your home is ventilated well, home construction enables an air exchange between the outside and inside of your home. Meaning, there are tiny gaps along seams in your walls and its other parts, which are just sufficiently big for ants to get into and crawl through. These seams happen once a wall meets the ceiling, floor, and another corner of a wall. Aside from that, seams can be made if the holes have been created in the wall to setup vents, outlets, doors, windows, or other features. Small points of access can be made with utility lines for services like natural gas, electricity, water or cable.  


One of the popular places where ants can gather would be the windows since their frames could rot especially if they are made out of wood. Aside from that, moisture can accumulate on the sill. Given these conditions, ants are attracted to them and then this leads them to get inside. Apparently, open screens and windows enable the ants to get inside. However, similar to what we’ve mentioned above, the window seam where the wall meets it might be massive enough for these insects to get access. You can actually apply caulk and seal these gaps up, which can stop entry. 


A similar seam problem near window frames can also impact doors. Inspect the seal below your door and observe whether there is a huge gap that’s sufficiently big for ants to crawl through. Moreover, this might happen on the sides and at the top. You can also add a door sweep below your door to minimize entry access of the ants and it can also help you save when it comes to your electricity bills. Guarantee to do some home pest inspection especially on doors that you rarely utilize since they can develop cracks and deteriorate, which you might not notice. These cracks enable ants to enter your house easily, however, repairs could help keep up a barrier.  

Foundation gaps 

If your home’s foundation has small spaces, this could possibly enable ants to sneak in below your house. Once your foundation is not made from concrete blocks, ants might work their way in those tiny spaces to enter your home easily. As soon as they get in your home, they can travel below your floor, making it challenging to look for where they come from. 


How Dirty Homes and Apartments can Affect Our Health? 

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Many of us believed in this quote. As homeowners, we want to ensure that we have a neat and clean property. When we have a well-organized place, we will attract positivity. We can have peaceful day-offs and rest days. Thus, during tough days, a clean home will give comfort. We can sit on our favorite couch, sip our favorite drink, and enjoy a healthy body.  

During this pandemic, we should never disregard cleaning our homes and property. Aside from work, we should give some of our time to our house and family. Weekly, we should have someone that will control our junk and clutters. We should not let garbage, waste, and dust accumulate. These elements can affect our health, and that is not a good thing.  

Given that you are too busy at work, you really cannot perform and do multi-tasking. It is understandable that you need time to relax at home, and not cleaning the whole area. But, your busy schedule should not disallow you to have a well-cleaned home. Good thing, Arlington White Glove Cleaning Servicewill not leave you behind. They are professional cleaners that have it all. They can clean houses, apartments, commercial properties, and many more. With their high-tech cleaning materials and skillful people, you will surely never go wrong! 


At this time, let us tackle and understand the disadvantages and negative effects of having a dirty place, especially houses and apartments. If you have observed that your home possesses the following things, call our team immediately.  

  1. If you have dirty sheets, call someone to handle the cleaning for you. Dirty sheets can result in skin irritations. If you and your family members have sensitive skins, it is best to let other people, especially professionals, clean your sheets.  
  2. If you observed that you do not have visited your fridge for a long time, avoid consuming goods inside your refrigerator without inspection. Ensure that you will check the expiry of the foods inside before consuming. Expired foods can cause food poisoning. Aside from the expired goods, you also need to ensure the cleanliness of your refrigerator. 
  3. Your air vents can also affect your health. A polluted air vent can cause allergies and respiratory issues. Cleaning our air ducts and events is never easy. But, we need to conduct the cleanup, especially when we start to get sick without any visible reasons. 
  4. You should also ensure that you do not have filthy dishes. If you have filthy dishes, digestive issues and food poising can happen. Sometimes, you can also experience cross-contaminations.  
  5. One of the things that are hard to clean at home is the floor. We can also include the carpets and bath mats as one of the things we do not like to handle during cleanup. However, if we will not clean our carpets, floor, and bath mats, we might suffer allergies, skin infections, skin rashes, and many more. We might have fungus inside our home.  

Additionally, when we are not confident of the ways we clean our home, we can ask for help from professionals. We can have professionals that know everything about cleaning. We will no longer worry that there might be unseen dirt that will affect our health.