Gun and doll Show - A musical battle of the sexes
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 Gun and Doll Show Press Kit

Welcome to the Gun and Doll Show Booking and Contacts page! Here you will find all the why's, how's and FAQ's related to booking the Gun and Doll Show.

Booking the Gun and Doll Show can make your event THE talk of the town. We are masters of promotion and telling a compelling story about our shows. Our savvy PR materials and media friendly story will make our appearance a "best bet" in local event calendars. Once on stage, we will entertain and amaze. Don't let the purveyors of the status quo convince you that what people want is to see some band rush through all the dated "classics" yet again. People want originality, musical versatility and variety. Young and old want a story laced with social commentary, witty observations and humor presented in an inspired performance. Give them what they never knew they wanted, give them the Gun and Doll Show.


Do I need a State or County gun permit?

The Gun and Doll Show is a musical performance group. No firearms are involved. You may need a live music permit but we won't tell if you don't.

Will my crowd like the Gun and Doll Show?

The Gun and Doll Show plays a wide variety of popular music styles as well as performing skits, stories and dances. We are sure to entertain all but the morbidly jaded.

I've heard that the band plays nude, is that true?

The Gun and Doll Show has appeared nude, But only once at a show that was billed as "Live Nude Bands" featuring local San Francisco bands at The Fillmore West. A game show determined which groups would play their set in the buff. Somehow, we lost. While we bare our souls in song, we have not appeared nude since and have no trouble keeping our costumes on.

If the band is so unpredictable, how do I know what to expect?

The Gun and Doll Show is predictable in many important ways. We are reliable and professional and can be counted on to promote your show, arrive on time, have a great sound and a professional yet fun demeanor. Our show is 45-120 minutes long depending on your schedule. Our line-up includes 4 Vocalists, Drums, Bass, and 2 guitars.

How much do you charge?

Quality is not cheap, but if you have a good venue, we can usally work something out to benifit all. Our fees can also vary depending on travel, length of show and other factors such as if we need to provide our own sound system or lighting. Please contact Killian directly to discuss any booking opportunities. He can be reached at 415-971-3371.

I see photos of a lot of different members - who is in the band currently?

The Gun and Doll Show is a seven piece and the current players are listed here. Through the long history of the band, more than 40 different players have been "in" the group, not counting the 50 Guitar Orchestra. The current line-up has remained the same since mid 2004.

Top 10 reasons to book the Gun and Doll Show:

10) The Gun and Doll Show is more entertaining than 3 monkeys in a sack and you won't get picketed by PETA.
9) Cheerleaders make you smile
8) Charlton Heston will pay a friendly visit next time he's in town.
7) Relentless promotion gives Killian a reason to live.
6) Music that makes you think, makes you think.
5) The most exciting thing on your stage since pyrotechnics were disallowed by your insurance.
4) Killian will record a personalized, original Happy Birthday song for your favorite person.
3) Be the envy of your friends.
2) Meeting Megan, Stephanie and Susan... Grrrrrooow.
1) Making up funny answers to stupid questions about "what kind of show"?




Contact us! We would love to hear from you regarding booking, press, joining the mailing list, and/or to get site feedback.

Booking and Media Contact:

Killian MacGeraghty
1100 26th St., Suite M-16

San Francisco, CA 94117
415 971 3371

Email us

Email Killian

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