Essential Tools for Electricians

It is already 2020, from manual tools, every trade and skill shift in power tools. These power tools make their work fast, easy, light and accurate. These tools are like buddies of every technician in their profession. As much as power tools make the job easy in all aspects, electricians have essential tools to use in every kind of electrical work.  Today we will explore the world of electrical technicians and let us know the essential tools they are using to perform their job safely with excellence. 

First in the list is the multimeter. A multimeter is a must have because he needs it to check the multiple electrical properties of electrical systems. A multimeter can measure voltage, current and resistance. Multimeters have two kinds, the analog and digital. Multimeters have also evolved, now the digital multimeter has more sensitive bells and whistles. It has also Bluetooth and thermal imaging cameras for more accurate results and measurement. 

Next in line is the voltage tester. This is use to know if a wire is “alive” or not. This is important because holding a live wire is dangerous and could lead to death. This also comes in two kinds, the contact and non-contact tester. Between the two, the safer and recommended is the non-contact voltage tester because it can detect electricity without contact.  

Then we have the wire strippers. Wires have different sizes because there are many holes to fit in when it comes to electronics. Wire strippers are badly needed to cut and strip the insulation in wires. Good wire strippers should be easy to grip, especially if it will be for long and heavy-duty use. This is also used as trimmers to trim wire ends.  

Another one is the circuit finder. In houses that undergone too many renovations the present service panel is so hard to match with the complementary breaker. That is why licensed technicians Rio Rancho need this circuit finder to make their job faster because the hide-and-seek of panels and breakers is really a tough finding job. This tool is also handy and detects the matching directory that fast.  

Add the pliers in the essential list too. This is a must-have for every electrician since an electrician deals with wires all the time. A professional and experienced electrician invests in good pliers. They prefer pliers that have a comfortable grip, where he can easily open and close it. Today, pliers have different look, size and wait. Choose the simple yet reliable one.  

These are just the essential tools, meaning they are the must-have for every electrician to do the basic. The basic tasks are the foundation to know and trace where is the electrical problem coming from. Hence, these tools are very important because measuring, testing, tracing and cutting are the basic tasks of an electrician and in order to do this, he needs this essential tools. Tools are investment so that we will grow in our trade at the same time improve our skills through experience and time.  

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