Gun and doll Show - A musical battle of
the sexes

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"Best Damn Rock Show I've seen in San Francisco. I mean, they got on stage, plugged in, and tore it down -it was never less than rad, and frequently bordered on 'You've Got To Be Sh*tting Me.' No joke." Kirk Hamilton review The Great American Music Hall.



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Best Rock Album

First Single: "What I Hate About Punks!"


"Calling SF's The Gun and Doll Show just another rock band is like calling De Niro just another actor."
- Bill Picture SF Examiner

"SF's best and most ingenious Rock Band"
- PJ Corkery

" I LOVE THIS ALBUM, GREAT PRODUCTION. You will have a hard time getting me to take it out of my C.D. player. So no, you can't borrow mine.GO GET YOUR OWN COPY."
- Renée Richardson". KFOG 104.5 DJ re: American Radio


American Radio CD Cover Art by John Brearton

"On American Radio there's at least a moment in each song for everyone. In a time when most rock bands look almost as bored as their audiences, it's refreshing to see a band truly committed to entertaining it's fans".
-S.F. Weekly Listen Up: Top 50 Bay Area Releases.

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The Gun & Doll Show is an Original Music Independent Band from San Francisco, CA USA. 

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