How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Electrical Dangers?

Children are naturally curious individuals. However, this could be very dangerous in terms of electricity. Listed below are great safety tips to keep your kids safe since we want to assist in minimizing the number of childhood deaths and injuries due to accidents associated with electrical. 

Outdoor electrical safety tips for kids: 

If your friend or a pet is in contact with downed electrical equipment or electrical line, make sure to contact 000 right away. 

If you’re playing an electrical toy or operating an electrical appliance outside, stay at least 10 ft. farther from any wet surface such as your pool. 

Never hang banners or signs on electric utility poles. 

Do not throw objects like slippers or stone onto electrical power lines. 

Prevent touching overhead electrical wires if you’re carrying long objects like pool skimmer or a ladder.  

Keep away from fallen electrical wire. Allow an adult to contact your local emergency line in the event this happens within your property. 

Electricity and water are hazardous combinations and must never be utilized near each other.  

Do not go swimming while there is an ongoing thunderstorm. 

You should never climb a utility tower or pole because of their extremely high voltage of electricity can kill you.  

Do not play or climb close to electrical equipment and power lines. 

Never climb on fences near electric substations.  

Do not climb trees close to power lines even when the lines aren’t touching the tree since it can possibly touch the line when more weight is added to the branch.  

Do not touch boxes of metal transformer that has warning signs 

Indoor electrical safety tips for kids: 

Inspect your outlets if there are plugs that are loos-fitting. Change broken or missing wall plates for the wirings to not be exposed. 

Never leave your appliances such as dishwasher, tumble dryer, or washing machine on if you don’t use them  

Prevent keeping your devices or appliance switched on and plugged in while you’re not within a similar room with your kids since they are usually inclined to shoving things into their mouths. 

Temporarily utilize extension cords and don’t use it as permanent wiring for your household. Guarantee that there are safety closures to keep your kids safe from mouth burns or electrical shock. Hide your extension cords behind you’re furniture and utilize a device that hides cords. 

Guarantee that your child is completely dry after you bath him before he begins to touch everything and run around your house. 

Secure wall outlets that you don’t use. Cover or utilize plastic inserts using plastic safety caps. Also, make sure to block your outlets by arranging your furniture creatively.  

Guarantee that all electrical outlets in the basement, garage, workshop, bathroom, laundry, and kitchen have FGCIs. Contact a certified Galway electrician to make sure that they work properly.  

Make sure to unplug any electrical appliances before you clean them.  

Never yank or pull out a plug by its cord. 

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