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Happy Mother's Day card

Mom did it all for us, so we wrote this song for her!

    The Gun and Doll Show is all about love and reconition of mom. So we are offering a FREE MP3 download to help express

                                 your love to your mother on Mother's Day. It's the Gun and Doll Show's Original Happy Mother's Day song! It's a sweet little ditty you can attach to your favorite e-card, include in an email, or play thru your MP3 player or ... Get inventive (Mothers appreciate that) - and we'd love to hear your story.
It's a thoughtful and FREE Download. More Celebration Songs here.

1:27 length, MP3 format

Choose Hi or Low Bandwith Version and Download Free Mother's Day Song




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128 Bit Rate MP3 1.3MB file size

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download and attach to your e-card or put one of these links in your email:

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Compressed 64 bit for dial up:

Written by Killian MacGeraghty for Mom's Everywhere and
Dedicated to Diane Layfield,  a Gold Star Mom, and her son Travis Layfield.

Performed by The Gun & Doll Show
For non-commercial distribution only. All Rights Reserved, Copyright 2003 Glitter & Glue Publishing.





Mama said it's up to her to build a nation of leaders
For that:
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day
Happy Mother's Day

Mama always said
Gotta take that risk
If you ain't got the will to lose
Then you ain't got the will to win

Happy Mother's Day, Momma
Happy Mother's Day, Momma
Happy Mother's Day, Momma
Happy Mother's Day, Momma

Momma, Momma, Momma, That's my Momma

I love you



The Gun & Doll Show is an Unsigned Independent San Francisco Rock Band


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